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We have been involved in the flooring industry for nearly 30 years

We have one of the widest range of entrance matting systems in the country, including heavy duty, personalised and luxurious mats. We have an installation service and we have completed projects like Centre Parcs, Capital Docks, Cherrywood, just to mention a few. 

We are the Irish Distributors of the well-known VEXCOLT Construction Joints which  is one of the leading manufacturers of movement and expansion joints in the world. Vexcolt Joints are protecting buildings from dilated movements like Dublin Airport, Mall of Emirates Dubai, London Paddington Station, Shanghai Tower China, the Wembley Stadium and the British Museum. We have a technical department who can help architects and engineers specify the right product. 

Slips and falls are the leading causes of injury at the workplace. Accidents that occur as a result of a misplaced foot can be embarrassing, painful, and very costly. In addition, employers face the risk of costly lawsuits filed by injured employees. We have an extensive range of safety solutions including stair nosings, tactile paving, wall and corner protection, anti slip mats for swimming pools and changing rooms and many more products to ensure safety. 

We are also the sole Irish Distributor of Progress Profiles, an Italian manufacturer of high-end trims and profiles. We have stainless steel, aluminium, anodised aluminium, brass and bronze profiles for floors, walls and stairs.

Our Focus

A major part of our focus is the safety of flooring, from entrances to buildings, pedestrian routes internally, externally, in factory floors, manufacturing halls, maintenance routes and more. We can provide supply only and in most cases a supply and fit service. We try to develop our services and products to the requirements of our client and we are constantly researching new products and solutions. That’s why we have decided to set up our business as The Flooring Specialist Group to get our three different business segments more focused.

About Our Past

We have been involved in the flooring industry for nearly 30 years providing floor safety solutions for all sizes of projects including hotels, shopping centres, airports , factories, pharmaceuticals & airports to name a few. During this time we have gained a considerable amount of experience in flooring, the issues surrounding screeds, construction joints, safety of flooring and selection of floor coverings.


With a great knowledge of the Building Regulations we can assist you from specifying the right product right down to finishing the project. Please see our services below:

The Flooring Specialist Group

Facility Flooring is part of “The Flooring Specialist Group” which combines all aspects of flooring under one roof.  The Flooring Specialist Group also has  “4EarthSolutions” which are effective & eco-friendly cleaning, anti-slip & sealing solutions. ——> See More Here!

The third part of the group is “Affluent Flooring” which is where function meets design.

Your floor is not just a floor, it is a design element of the building. Stones, porcelain tiles, timber flooring, carpet tiles, sport floors, resin flooring, , luxurious designs and high quality solutions.

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