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Look over our accessories range.  Anything you need for our mats including underlays, aluminium & brass frames, t-bars and much more. Take a look through and if there’s anything you don’t see listed you can always contact us to find out if we can get it for you! We have a huge range of suppliers always happy to help!


Entrance mats can be installed on the top of the existing floor or recessed in the floor. If they are installed on the top of the existing floor due to the Building Regulations a ramp profile is need to avoid trip hazard. 

Our Proslider LR is suitable for mats from 10-15 mm mats, it is silver anodised so wont reflect light and will be more resistant to corrosion and chemicals. The grooved surface creates an anti slip finish. 


Entrance mats can be installed on the top of the existing floor or recessed in the floor. For the recessed installation we have aluminium frames in stock. 

Special sizes are available on request


We have interlocking aluminium mats that can be installed in a bricklayer pattern and have panel mats that will need T-bars on the widths if they are wider than 3 meters. 


We have aluminium  T-bars available in different sizes and they can be anodised to special colours


The normal installation method of installing mats is forming recess, installing frame and level the recess up to the thickness of the frame. On some installation a acoustic underlay is required, or 1-3 mm extra build up. We have a range of rubbercork underlays that are suitable for mats. 


The water collection drainage systems are specially designed for the Clean System – open construction mats. They are used with the Rubber, the Brush or with the Rubber&Brush insert. 

We have installed them for bicycle entrances…