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Entrance mats with black wipers and black profiles are very popular nowadays for high end installations. We have a couple of aluminium mats that offer black anodised profiles.


The Duplomat range is well known for its sturdiness, that it can withstand the heaviest traffic conditions. But is not just a great strong mat, it can be a design element to your building. It is available with anodised wipers. And also with black anodised profiles. 


The Modus range is an interlocking mat that’s normally cut on site. It has extra wide wipers as a design feature and for water absorption. It is available with custom colours, with logo or printed insert and also available with black anodised wipers 


The Clean Poly range is connected with stainless steel wires, that makes the mat very durable. It is available in open or closed construction and also this mat is available with black profiles


The Clean Plus range is a lighter 12 mm mat with pvc connector profiles. The wipers are very wide and the profiles are available with black anodising.