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Modular Mat Tiles

Modular Mat Tiles are supplied by Facility Flooring. They are easy to install, replace and they trap dirt and moisture at the entrance; preventing it from entering the building. 


Modus is one of our highest spec aluminium interlocking mat with extra wide wipers for excellent water absorption  and 10 years guarantee. The aluminium profiles can be anodised to black colour and the insert is available  in special colours, including custom Pantone colours* and with logo insert. Suitable for heavy traffic conditions. 

The mat comes in 138 mm x 2000 mm planks and can be cut and shaped on site. 


Frontrunner’s aggressive diamond tread pattern scrapes shoes and wheels clean, while the open grid structure allows any dirt and debris to fall away, stopping it from being tracked inside. This unique ‘scrape and clean’ system protects your internal floor finishings and reduces cleaning costs. This makes it ideal for a huge variety of industries, from heavy-duty environments to workplaces with high pedestrian traffic, like retail, hospitality and commercial.


Designed to perform in the most demanding of commercial entranceway environments, QUATTRO is ideal for use in institutional facilities. The modules are sound absorbing, non-reflective and reassuringly secure underfoot providing unparalleled grip even in wet conditions achieving impressive Satra** safety rating. Moulded from natural rubber, QUATTRO forms a substantial and safe entranceway wherever it is installed.


Can be cut and shaped on site.

SMART EXT Modular Mat

Hard wearing UV Resistant matting sold in tile format.  Suitable for very heavy traffic conditions for internal and external application. 

It can be combined  with  pvc scraper mat tile with textile insert for better water absorption. 

Can be cut and shaped on site. 


SMART INT Modular Mat

Hard wearing UV Resistant matting sold in tile format with textile insert for excellent water absorption.  Suitable for very heavy traffic conditions for indoor application. 

A matching pvc scraper mat tile is available, that can be used outside or as a perimeter for the mat. 


Can be cut and shaped on site. 

Master Flex

Modularity and Functionality – an easy to install rubber tile system with seamless connections to create any size entrance mat with all the advantages of a carpet tile that can be easily replaced.  The modularity also makes it possible to create a multi-zone entrance matting system that combines an outdoor scraping mat with a large insert of quality carpet for enhanced functionality of the scraping, cleaning and drying zones to prevent the maximum amount of dirt from entering the building and prevent slips and falls.