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Secondary Textile Barrier Mats

An effective barrier matting system, when correctly specified, will help to minimize the risk of slip accidents caused by wet flooring, reduce maintenance costs and improve the appearance of internal floor coverings by significantly reducing the amount of dirt and moisture tracked into a building. Barrier matting cannot only be used at a building’s entrance and access points but also in other areas that are subject to increased risk of soiling and heavy wear. In many cases the optimum performance is achieved by combining different types of barrier matting.


This a popular mat, extensively used in restaurants, schools and buildings with medium to heavy traffic.. Great scraper mat as it is made of polypropylene. Cost effective solutions to cover large areas. 


A very aggressive scraping action is owed to its non-directional chevron pattern.One of the most popular carpet mats offering tremendous good value.Durable crush resistant fibers provide moisture and grime retention.Dense vinyl backing is moisture resistant and slip resistant to keep the mat in place. Needle punched carpet consisting of anti-static 100% polypropylene fibres. Can be installed wall to wall or as a throw down mat on the top of the existing floor.


High traffic – The innovative Clare entrance matting features dirt scraping

and moisture absorbing properties and is ideal for heavy commercial use.


The Munster Classic is an entrance carpet with good absorption ability. It is optimized for moisture absorption and can handle sand.



Grafic is different. You can see that right away. A walk-off entrance mat available in one, perfectly-chosen background colour. With subtle, graphic patterning. This pattern may seem like a small detail. But this mat will make a world of difference to your entrance area.

We have made absolutely no concessions in terms of quality. This is reflected in Grafic’s highest standards of wear resistance (usage class 33), sand absorption (class 3) and moisture absorption. We also developed a new, high-performance, scraper base material for Grafic. It is designed for project applications – and for efficiency you can rely on.


The Munster Plus  is a luxury mat that is very durable. The mat is ideal for high moisture absorption and works best in combination with an outdoor mat.


The Munster Premium is a scraper entrance mat which absorbs an exceptionally high volume of dirt, while retaining its attractive appearance. Its contemporary colourways make it suitable for modern, yet heavy-duty, project applications.


Munster Velour keeps floors cleaner and drier than standard mats by minimising footprints from wet soles on the floor beyond the mat. Munster Velour absorbs three times more moisture.

Absorbs 3 times more moisture.

Munster Velour keeps floors cleaner and drier than standard mats by minimising footprints from wet soles on the floor beyond the mat. Munster Velour absorbs three times more moisture. A technological tour de force, available in an extensive range of colours to suit every décor, from specific ambiences to classic and modern designs.


Logo mats can be customised and personalised with your company name and/or logo and are an excellent way to promote your business and keep your building clean. Facility Flooring offers a wide range of logo mats from standard textile mats, coir mats, brush mats to recessed aluminium mats.


Coir fibre mat that absorbs moisture and scrapes dirt. The entrance mat is suitable for areas of light to medium  traffic and absorbs a lot of moisture.