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Designer Mat Range

The first step into a building is the entrance mat. If you are working on a precticius project where you  need an outstanding mat that still has all the required technical details to even achieve  the LEED certification check our range..

Aluminium Panel Entrance Mats

Aluminium based mats connected with stainless steel wires or pvc connectors. They are very durable with a long lifetime and can withstand the heaviest traffic conditions. Standard Aluminium mats are manufactured to size, so the recess needs to be measured or shaped mats need to be templated. Lead time can be 2-4 weeks.

Interlocking Aluminium Mats

Aluminium based panels with wiper inserts. The panels are coming in certain lengths, and just like timber floor panels they can interlock. Easy click installation system. They can be cut to any shape on site. They can withstand heavy traffic.  Normally they are available in 3-7 working days.

Modular Matting

PVC or Rubber based entrance matting systems with carpet wipers. Can be cut and shaped on site, easy-click installation. Especially suitable for train stations, airports where there is frequent traffic with wheeled bags for noise reduction. Suitable for medium to heavy traffic

Secondary Textile Barrier Mats

We have 3 different types of material: coir, polypropylene and polyamide. The coir mat is a natural fibre mat for an authentic look, will absorb a lot of water but due to the fact to its a natural material it won’t last too long, suitable for light to medium traffic. The polypropylene mat is a cost saving good scraper mat. The best option is the polyamide mat which has excellent water absorption, stain resistant, and the piles are resilient. We are offering our polyamide range with 5 years guarantee from light to heavy traffic conditions.

Safety & Hygienic Matting

Facility Flooring offers a wide range of safety matting for wet and oily areas, for production lines and food processing areas. Our Hygienic mats are suitable for public or private swimming pools, changing rooms and shower areas.


Here at Facility Flooring we try to offer all the accessories you may need for any matting solution! From underlays to frames, t-bars & ramp profiles we try to supply everything!