Product Type: Anti-Slip Products

Adjustable Anti-Slip Tape

Facility Flooring Adjustable anti-slip tape is applied to a thin aluminium foil. After application, the material adapts to the unevenness of the surface and do not revert to its original state. Adjustable anti-slip tape is most often used for durbar plates which are insufficient anti-slip solutions. The upper surface of Adjustable anti-slip tape is a …

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Chemically Resistant Anti-Slip Tapes

Facility Flooring’s Chemically resistant anti-slip tape is highly resistant to various chemicals, various cleaning agents compounds and certain petrochemicals.

PU Anti-Slip

Water based coating that supplies superb slip resistance

Mineral and Tile

User Safe Wash On Wash Off Anti Slip TreatmentFor use with – Ceramic Tiles, Terrazzo, Quarry Tile, Slate, Granite, Polished Stone, Travatine and most Marbles

Hard Surface Cleaner

Formulated to effectively clean any hard surface* Removes all dirt, grease and grime to leave your floors shining!

Class Cleans

Class Clean is the follow up product of Anti-Slip Mineral and Tile. 4Earth Cleans & Anti Slips is formulated to effectively anti slip whilst cleaning tiled floors